A beautifully illustrated pie book called Gene Amondson's Mt. Rainier Pies full of delicious recipes for 15 pies, humorous anecdotes and pie baking tips.

Gene's Logo a painting of Mt Rainier

Gene Amondson's Life, Art and Mission

Pic of Gene
Notice: Gene passed peacefully with his four children by his side July 20, 2009. Memorial services were held Saturday, July 25. For donations to the Gene Amondson Memorial Fund, Contact Barbara Jean at Bank of America: 206.408.8207

Alaskan Oil Paintings
Alaskan landscape oil paintings

life sized wood carvings
Life-Sized Wood Carver

carving of 3 indians3 Indian Chiefs

A Memorial Video of Gene Amondson

Gene's Newest Oil Painting

Koine Indian in Canoe
Whimsical Watercolors
whimsical watercolors

Billy Sunday Impersonator
Billy Sunday impersonator
Gene's  Mt. Rainier Pies cookbook
Mt. Rainier Pie Book
Gene's Wedding Chapel in the Woods
Gene's Wedding Chapel
in the Woods

Gene as Alaskan Artist in Oils and Watercolors,
Woodcarver, Pie Maker

Gene Amondson Profile Inside these pages you will find a multi faceted view of Gene Amondson, from Alaskan Oil Paintings, to Life-Sized Wood Carvings, to the world's best Illustrated Pie Book, to a writer of whimsical children's stories and watercolors as well as several articles on his Mission to America as follows:

Gene Mission to America

Read about Gene's mission to the people of America as Prohibition Party Candicate for President 2004 and 2008, an International Speaker to kids in schools and prisons about drugs and alcohol and a Billy Sunday Impersonator and Gene demonstrating in front of Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis, MO as the Grim Reaper.

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