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Gene Amondson as the Grim Reaper picketing in front of a winery

Gene Amondson's
Billy Sunday Sermon Audio

Introduction to Amondson's Billy Sunday Presentation

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Print out a flyer to give to your pastor:

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We also have quotes from Billy Sunday in text

Comments from pastors after hearing
Gene's Billy Sunday Sermon:

"Last month at the ministers' retreat [Jan 2002], I watched as all of our youth came forward to take a pledge not to use drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Having pastored for 25 years in Idaho and Oregon. I want to highly recommend this [Gene Amondson's] program and say, DON'T MISS IT" (Chuck Ellis, Lents-Gilbert Church of God, Portland, Oregon, 503.761.3951).

Gary Pitchner on the April 28, 2002 "We had Amondson for an unbelievable moving event. Call if you have any questions" (Gary Pitchner, First Assembly of God, Ames Iowa, 515-232-6148, April 28, 2002).

"The people of Cedar Park, a church of 1800, loved Gene Amondson. I was thrilled when 54 of your youth came forward at the end of his message and took a pledge never to use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco" (Joseph B. Fuiten, Pastor, Cedar Park, Kirkland, WA. 206-448-3600).

"We promoted this in all Western Washington churches and have such excellent response" (Dr. Hugh Smith, District Manager, Churches of the Nazarene, 425-775-6366).

"We recently invited Gene back for the second time on Sunday morning. Never before have the members of this church been so expressive of the impact that a single program had on their lives" (Darcy Fast, First Church of God, Centralia, WA. 206-736-7606).

"Billy Sunday brought in the largest attendance in eight years " (Del Scrivner, New Hope Christian Fellowship, Lacey, WA, 360-493-0629).

"The Billy Sunday address was most relevent. I recommend Amondson's presentation to Adventists because it's well suited to our beliefs and for the need for some reform in our own denomination." (Stewart Presnall, Seventh-day Adventist Church, Oamaru, New Zealand).

"We used Amondson in all three of our Catholic Services. Though completely unique to our worship, our people loved it and still talk about it a year later." (Father Guzman, St. John Vianney Catholic Church 206-567-4149).

"As Presbyterians we know Billy Sunday and we loved Gene Amondson's presentation" (Rev. Charles McAllister, 626-284-2266).

See our Contact page for more info on how your congregation can hear Billy Sunday's famous 'Booze' sermon preached by Gene Amondson.


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