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Gene Amondson on Ophrah's
Sleepless in Seattle

Gene and Oprah

Gene on Oprah Winfrey Show After the "Sleepless In Seattle" movie, Oprah interviewed 5 guys that had lost their wives to cancer.

I knew thousands of women would write to marry these guys.

So I wrote and said,

"Oprah, I live on an Island one mile from Seattle, and I would like to have all of the women that Jeff "the doctor" doesn't want.."

Oprah's people got a kick out of that and flew me back to be on the end of the show.

I got hundred's of letters.

Gene on Oprah Winfrey Show It turned out to be her most watched show.

I ended up being on 4 times, counting the replays. It was seen by millions.

40 Million women wrote in to marry these 5 guys and myself.

I believe God will bless a marriage, but feel it has more to do with shopping, rather than God dropping her on my doorstep.

To Find That Wife Before Winter
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