spacer Gene standing by his lifesized woodcarvings.
Gene standing by his
lifesized woodcarvings.

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Gene Amondson's

Truck full of Vashons Vashons on the wall Entrance to Gene's Gallery Gene Carving Vashons Elkhead encounter

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Vashon Picnic
vashon Picnic

Gene's sense of humor can be seen in his whimsical woodcarvings, some of which he calls "Vashons." These figures are related to Scandanavian trolls, but without their naughtiness or mischieveousness.

According to Amondson, "Vashons" have log arms because of all the rowing they do to get back to visit Ballard, and for hugging and being hugged. They also like "lutefisk" since they are related to the Scandanavians.
carvings of 3 indians
3 Indians
wood carving of a fisherman in a yellow slicker
Slickerman Wood Carving

Gene towing his Vashons in the Vashon Strawberry Festival Parade, July 2002
Vashon Strawberry Festival Parade

Gene "mowed" the crowd over with his collection of Vashons in the Vashon Strawberry Festival parade. If you look closely you can see the Elk-Head-lights on the front of Gene's Vashon tractor and his many-road-kill hat.
Life sized Vashons in the snow
Life sized Vashons
in the snow
Chainsaw man in SnowChainsaw man in snow

Snow Totem Pole
Snow Totem Pole
Snow People
Snow People
Snow Rabbit
Snow Rabbit

Gene carving a self-portait of himself.
Gene carving  self-portrait full length view  of woodcarving self-portrait face of woodcarving self-portrait

Gene's Other Wood Carving Pages

Truck full of vashons in the snow
Truck full of Vashons

Collection of Vashon carvings
Vashons on the wall

Indian Chief Carving
Indian Chief

Wood Carving Gallery Entrance
Wood Carving Gallery
Gene carving Vashons
Gene Carving Vashons

Gene's Elkhead Cop Encounter
Elkhead Cop Encounter

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