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Gene Amondson as the Grim Reaper picketing in front of a winery

Gene Amondson on Wine and Alcohol

Gene pleading with people to give up alcohol. When is the last time you ever heard of anybody who wanted to fight alcohol to slow down the number of unwanted children? If a baby is not aborted, and it's born and it grows up and becomes a teenager and is killed by a drunk driver, where is the Church then? Nobody cares! Nobody cares!

Somebody says, "Well, let's get everybody saved first and let God clean them up." Well, that's why the Church is not relevant today. If we would have waited for the abolitionists and John Wesley to get everybody saved and then take on slavery, we'd still have slavery today. We've got to do both: get people saved and fight the alcohol industry.

Two Harvard studies in 1995: One study says if a man has two glasses of wine a day, his cancer rate goes up 123% (one glass a day for a woman). Another Harvard study that same year says that 95% of violent crime is connected to Alcohol. I say, had Jesus drank alcoholic wine he may not have been that bright and would have been ignorant of studies that were to come out saying that alcohol is not good for your health.

Remember when a study came out on 60 Minutes that red wine was good for the heart? Red wine sales went up 44%. What they didn't tell you is they put all the people who were dying of cirrhosis of the liver, and couldn't drink any more, on the side of non-drinking people.

In 1545 Captrain Treat sailed around Italy and Sicily and wrote, " when on the coast of Italy last Christmas, I enquired about wines in common use and found that those esteemed the best were sweet and non-intoxicating. The boiled juice of the grape is in common use in Sicily. From enquiries I found that unfermented wine was esteemed the most. It was drunk mixed with water" (Dr. Lee's Works, Vol II, pg. 144).

Mothers Against Drunk Driving are loosing their Battle

Mothers Against Drunk Driving pull their hair out because their millions of dollars each year can't slow down drunk driving as it contin ues to kill another person every half-hour in America.

Prohibition Was Good for America

Amondson, who may be considered for President of the third oldest party calls for the death penalty for DWI people, after the 4th conviction. His party is the only party NOT controlled by the tobacco and alcohol industry. He says prohibition was not perfect but he would rather have 100 Al Capones in every big city than what we have today.

If Prohibition was so bad, why did our prisons and mental institutions empty and circhosis of the liver go from 15% to 7% ?

Prohibition has come to America 3 times but with the church dead and no great women in America (like the WCTU of 100 years ago) WHERE IS OUR HOPE?

Responsible Drinking is a Crock

Amondson spoke from Dublin Radio station FM104 to Ireland on a country messed up on alcohol that asks what can our country do, and explains that responsible drinking is a dumb thing to teach. Responsible drinking is like teaching a pig to eat with a spoon — won't work!

Why Doesn't the Church Preach Against Alcohol?

Amondson is a preacher but also says if Jesus taught moderation or responsible drinking we wa not that bright.

Amondson says we've never had such a sad excuse for preachers and priests as we have today. The three things that hurt the American home are gambling, alcohol and tobacco. Now, show me a big shot preacher say something about these three (Amondson then quotes the last great precher Billy Sunday: "there are going to be so many preachers in hell they will have to hang their feet out the window").

You Boose, You Loose

Ninety-five percent of all violent crime is connected with booze and one or two beers or glasses of wine will increase your cancer rate by 133% according to a 12 year Harvard Study in 1995.

Amondson says tobacco we all hate, but it only kills the smoker and his kids while the drunk crosses the link and kills us and our kids.

Today the alchol industry spends 2 billion a year making Budwiser looking like a friend of the family.

Alcohol is as good for your health as a rattleshake is a toy for your kids.

Your Kids Need You Sober

Each year a quarter of a million kids in Ohio are abused by a drinking parent. Where is the church? Where is anybody when we are in trouble.

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