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Gene in white shirt One that really loves the Lord, is kind, has teeth, and can read at a 3rd grade level. My senator brother thinks my expectations are too high..

THE REASON I DON'T SMILE.... My face does not work very well of the right side, but when the camera is gone, you will see me with a smile.

If I were to meet someone for the first time, the "perfect" setting might be....

Gene as pastor A walk on the beach, London, a summer fair, a movie, comedy night, a large single's event, barbecue, fish and chips north of London, and a drive to Bakewell for a tart..

What would someone notice first about me?. How shy I am.. Not really, I don't have to be the center of things, but sometimes it happens....

Gene riding a Segway 2007 I'm 5 foot 11 1/2 inches, work out and play racquetball regularly.

I was twice on the Oprah Show.. Sleepless In Seattle

I have been in church work for 30 years. I love Single's work!

I started a singles thing for Seattle and Tacoma 6 months ago, and hope it will be a model for the now runs about 60.

I was never a drinker.

As a pastor I had lots of answers, now less after the divorce; perhaps I help more with less. Trained by the Free Methodist, grew up in the Church of God (Anderson), a church like Nazarene.

Billy Sunday I speak from New Zealand to Africa about Billy Sunday (America's greatest preacher) and how he stopped America from selling booze for 13 years.

I work at the piano.

I'm also an Alaskan artist.

Everyone here on Vashon Island knows me as the woodcarver. My carvings are comical, life-size and wave.

I love movies and I enjoy Leno for 11 minutes, and a good comedian. The best 6 hours were seeing Red Skelton and Victor Borge.

My studio.
Inside Gene's Studio
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What do I do professionally?

I do oils and watercolors and send to Alaska.

Have helped churches in church growth, and how to win the unsaved. Everything from being the pastor to single's leader.

Where I live and my family background:

Gene's Quaker House
I live on Vashon Island near Seattle, but have lived almost everywhere.

My mother was German and my Dad was Norska.

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Where do I want to be in 5 years?

In 5 years I want to be with you.

Find out Why I need a wife before winter

It does need to be said that men do change... we get worse.

Gene's Guest House
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Gene's 4 Kids I have 4 wonderful, beautiful, popular kids I don't see much that are all in church. Rachel is 17. Isaac at Seattle Pacific U. Andrew and Nathan....full rides to Boston U. and Southern Methodist. these are both actors in Hollywood.....such fun kids.


Gene's Daughter Rachael My daughter was elected Princess at her high school. My Son was elected King the same year. (Click on photo for larger view.)

Some of my favorite artists are:

John Singer Sargent, Home, Sorolla... if you know him, I will marry you.

Not fond of paintings by Dolittle or Thomas Kinkade, and never encourage anyone to buy prints. Kinkade & Dolittle prints will not be worth as much as a painting at Woolworth's next year, but I like people that like them.

Sayings, quotes, or Bible verses that mean a lot to me?

The book of James... If any of you lack wisdom.

Frost... He won't mind me stopping here to watch his woods fill up with snow. the woods are lovely dark and deep but I have promises to.....and miles to go....

I have everything I need so just to be with someone, seeing new places, helping, holding, well.

Educational Background

Warner Pacific College in Portland with a degree in Science, and M. Div. in Theology from Asbury Seminary in Kentucky. Asbury is an old time Methodist school, that has given America some of its best preachers.

If I could change one thing about myself what would it be?

A little slower to speak

More of a love for cupboard jumpin' butter licken cats.

To learn to spell would be a big change.

If I were to inherit a fortune, what I would do with it?

I'd pay you for a hug.

I would also bring back prohibition, the 13 years from 1920 to 1933 when prisons emptied, mental institutions emptied, and cirrhosis of the liver was cut in half. A new Harvard study says if a lady drinks one glass of wine a day, her cancer rate goes up 122%. 95% of violent crime is connected with alcohol.

Gene giving Billy Sunday Sermon

If you would like to fight this industry, call the Woman Christian Temperance Union at 1-800-755-1321.They need new blood, and if you're sharp, they will have you speak all over the world.

Please, call them...... alcohol is the basis for half the unwanted babies, wife and child abuse, full prisons, and the church is so dead today that..... they need you!!!!!

Additional comments?

You're welcome to call.... 206.463.6333...

and I don't have Caller ID

Amondson holds a 4 year degree in zoology from Warner Pacific in Portland, OR., and a M. Div from Asbury Seminary in Ky.

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