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Gene Amondson's
1999 Love Boat Cruise

Single On A Love Boat

by Gene Amondson

If one can let thoughts turn from
spiritual things.
One would have to admit
That anything other than being Totally in love and being loved
Is of little importance.

Tonight on this magnificent vessel
A three piece band speaks,
Notes, and accordion, a clarinet...
Tied together by a polish violinist...

This isn't the Titanic, for this boat
Goes on....
Men stand close to beautiful women
They have enticed, wooed
Or perhaps bought...
While others stare
At the ceiling.

The cruise, isn't easily visited
By Singles.
For we still drift back
Into memories,
Of loss, Court Orders,
Divorce Papers, and
Like controlling,

We watched as they took away
our kids, and ended our dreams.

We heard phrases, we could not understand,
Like "It's over"
They are in love,
They will marry.
Their kids and cars
Are now parked
At our house.

New words like
"Step dad" and "Step mom"
Are words we thought
Our kids would never utter.

We listen to cheap phrases,
Like "move on,"
Work on yourself,...
And heal.

In this disheveled state,
We are told to find someone else.

It's kinda like eating at the garbage dump,
Moldy food clinging
To our lapel,
Tomato on our head,
And bits of torn paper
Attached to our leg...
Crawling out..
On our hands and knees to the road.

Like someone can't wait to pick us up.
Look into our eyes,
And say,
"Where have you been?"

You're the Maiden, the Princess,
The Knight In Shining Armor..
Or are they saying?
"The Prince looks like an eternal frog."

Whether single,
Christian or not....
We are to pick up frogs,
And help them become
Beautiful in the Lord.

Oh, to forget the past.

But perhaps next year,
We will stand in line,
With the most beautiful person
In the world
To have our pictures taken
As we visit foreign lands.

Gene and family on 1999 Love Boat Cruise
(click photo for larger image)

From left to right:
My Phoenix brother and his wife, my Mother and new Dad, my sister and her husband, my senator brother and his wife and me on the right.

Gene on 1999 Love Boat Cruise


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