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My Car burns half gasoline and half H2o

My car running on water on Channel 5 news. Click to see see 2 min Video

Gene's car runs on water
My car is now running on 6 quarts of distilled water. The exhaust and muffler are so cool it can put my hand on them. I have only driven it for 40 miles but I can already tell it's really a fuel saver.

The guy that made the kit has driven 4 thousand miles. He feels it will cut car emissions by 45%.

How much water will it burn in 1200 miles? Only 2 cups. It just takes a bit of hydrogen to make my gas burn clean and cool. It also works on diesel.


It costs $350 for the kit and about $200 to install it unless you know a certified mechanic who can install it. Call me and I'll send instructions and pictures.

Call today to get your name on the list.

Call for more info:
GENE 206 463 6333

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