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Oil Paintings of Alaskan Landscapes
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oil painting of  Cabin at Twilight
Cabin at Twilight

16 x 20
Talken Alaska, an oil painting of two guys talking about Alaska
Talken Alaska

18 x 24
Blue Mountain Majesty, an oil painting of a cabin in front of a large mountain
Blue Mountain Majesty

24 x 36
Picture of an old cabin and a Jalopy
Old "T"

18 x 24
Talken Gold, a picture of two guys talking about Gold in Alaska
Talken Gold

36 x 40
Oil painting of a tent in the woods.

9x 10

Picture of Mount McKinley
Mount McKinley

8x 10
Oil painting of the sun setting on the last night before an Alaskan night starts
Last Night

8 x 10
Oil painting of a cabin in front of Mt Mckinley
Mount McKinley Cabin

8 x 10
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Some historical background about Gene Amondson:
100 years ago Seattle's waterfront bustled with the excitement of gold in Alaska. Among these seekers of fortune, was one of America's foremost Alaskan artist oil painters, Sydney Laurence. Zieglar and Lambert were soon to follow and within 20 years of these men came another Northwest artist named Gene Amondson who crossed the vast landscapes of Alaska collecting ideas for his oil paintings. Gene Amondson received the paint brushes and personal photographs of Sydney Lawerence (1865-1940) from his late wife Jeanne Laurence in the 80's. Now 40 years after Zieglar and Lambert, Amondson's Alaskan oil paintings can be seen in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, as Alaskans turn from prints and limited editions to original art and oil paintings. Amondson's biggest oil painting collection can be viewed in the New Horisons Gallery in Fairbanks, Alaska and Gallery of the North in Juneau, Alaska. Click on the links below to view Amondson's oil paintings.

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