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Original Watercolors by Gene Amondson

Gene Amondson Watercolor Artist The themes in the following whimsical watercolors are derived from Gene Amondson's childhood growing up in logging camps of Kosmos, Washington in the foothills of Mount Rainier and his many trips to Alaska. His paintings are filled with colorful characters fishing for whales in the ocean, or fishing off bridges or the shoreline and paintings of eskimos in their igloos. The miners, loggers, rumrunners and bootleggers were the inspiration for Gene's watercolors. Studying under Rolf Lindberg, Sweden's great "Troll Artist" resulted in Gene's whimsical characters below:

Click on the images for a larger view
(some of the images have a back flash from the camera
that is not on the painting.)

Save The Whales whimsical watercolor
Save the Whales

10x15 with frame
Limited Edition Prints:
$60.00 ea.
Eskimos Catching Fish
Eskimos Catching Fish

8x10 with frame
Whimsical wife keeping her woodsman king cool
Keeping the King Cool

10.5 x 13.5 with frame
Looking for Whales whimsical watercolor
Looking For Whales

13.5 x 9.5 with frame
Mamma's Got it whimsical watercolor
Mamma's Got it

8x10 with frame
Picking Huckleberries whimsical watercolor
Picking Huckleberries

8x10 with frame
She Always Wins whimsical watercolor
She Always Wins

9.5x13.5 with frame
Fishing From a Bridge whimsical watercolor
Fishing From A Bridge

10x15 with Frame
Pulling tooth with string attached to a doorknob
Pulling Tooth

Limited Edition Prints

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