Gene Amondson as the Grim Reaper picketing in front of a winery

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Welcome to Gene Amondson's mission.

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Notice: Gene passed peacefully with his four children by his side July 20, 2009. Memorial services were held Saturday, July 25. We have set up a bulletin board to those who would like to share memories of Gene. For donations to the Gene Amondson Memorial Fund, Contact Barbara Jean at Bank of America: 206.408.8207

On the following pages you will be introduced to Billy Sunday's famous "Booze" sermon given by Gene across the country and around the world; Gene's attempt to open people's eyes about the evils of alcohol with his portrayal of the Grim Reaper picketing in front of wineries; articles about Gene's dynamic portrayal of Billy Sunday; and links to other websites offering information about Billy Sunday and prohibition.

You can also read about Gene's mission to the people of America:

Gene Amondson running for President
of the US in 2004 via the Prohibition Party

See newspaper articles on the Prohibition Party Candidate 2004 page.

Prohibition 1920-33: America's Best Years

Gene's handsWhat they didn't tell you about those 13 years:
  • Prisons and mental institutions emptied
  • Cirrhosis of the liver was reduced by half
  • It was the last time America balanced the budget
  • In some states, illiteracy dropped from 49% to 2%
And now a Harvard University study has found that women who drink just one glass of wine a day increase their cancer risk by 123%.

Come and hear Gene Amondson, M.Div, Asbury Seminary, KY, deliver the same sermon the liquor industry offered Billy Sunday $1 million to stop preaching.

The following links will take you to the Mission section of Gene's Web Site:

Gene Amondson's Mission home page

For a short audio presentation of Gene's Billy Sunday sermon and comments by pastors after hearing this sermon check out our Billy Sunday Audio Presentation

Check out Amondson's The Grim Reaper Spreads Message portraying Gene picketing in front of the Michelle Winery.

For a collection of links to other sites promoting prohibition and more information about Billy Sunday check out our Prohibition Links

See Gene Amondson's Contact page for information on how to arrange a speaking engagement for your church or organization.

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